John L Fryer Salmon Disease Lab 25th Anniversary
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25th Anniversary Map


ABOUT:  The John L. Fryer Salmon Disease Laboratory (SDL) is a regional fish disease facility dedicated to the study of organisms infectious for salmonids and other species of freshwater fish.  The laboratory is named for Dr. John L. Fryer, who pioneered the fish disease research program at Oregon State University.  Research at the facility is conducted by investigators across campus on a variety of aquatic species.

The SDL was constructed through a grant from the Bonneville Power Administration and is supported by the Department of Microbiology and the College of Agricultural Sciences and the College of Science.  The 9,000 square foot facility provides both wet and dry laboratories.

SDL NEWS: Recent renovations have made the SDL energy efficient and sustainable. The facility has recently been upgraded to supply heated and chilled water between 5°C and 30°C to all indoor experimental tanks, allowing research on warm-water aquatic species and ecological and climate change questions. The upgrade will be showcased at the 25th Anniversary Celebration in Fall 2015.