The BioHealth Sciences (BHS) major provides students who are pursuing a career in the health fields with personalized, specialized, and comprehensive advising.  Among a variety of services, advisors are available to assist students with: planning and selecting courses; academic and career paths; and making sure students are making satisfactory progress toward graduation.  The BioHealth advisors are also knowledgeable about other resources students may obtain in order to make their time at OSU fulfilling and successful. 

To schedule an appointment with a BHS advisor, students may (1) access the NEW  ONLINE SCHEDULING portal from any location using your ONID login; (2) call the BHS Office at 541-737-3875; or (3) visit the office located at 225 Nash Hall. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel online or call the main office. 

It is mandatory for incoming first year and transfer students to sign up for START prior to any advising in the BHS office.  Students seeking a change of major should fill out the online form and attend the change of major session.

As a guide to keeping current with your study program and your academic progress at OSU, you may use the following dates as reminders for making an appointment with a BHS advisor:  October 31 (Halloween); February 14 (Valentine's Day); and May 1 (May Day).

Advisors for BioHealth Science


Alex Beck, Advisor: Pre-Pharmacy
(541-737-5414); Nash Hall, Room 223;
also:; 541-737-3875


Barbara Kessel,  Advisor: Pre-Dental, Pre-Clinical lab, Pre-Physical therapy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Podiatry
(541-737-5710); Nash Hall, Room 220;
also:; 541-737-3875

Ariella Wolf, Advisor:  Pre-Med, Pre-Physician Assistant
(541-737-3875); Nash Hall Room 223

Advising Tips

  • Have a list of questions you would like to ask at the meeting.  Think about opportunities you might want to experience (study abroad, internships, research), goals (shadowing, clinical experience, major), and timeline (graduation, applications, scholarships, research).
  • Make a list of courses you might want to sign up to for the next term or year.  You may wish to use the planner mode in MyDegrees, as it is an excellent tool for editing and communication with your advisor.

OSU Advisor-Advisee Responsibilities

As an advisee, you should:

  • Understand and accept that you are ultimately responsible for your education and your own decisions.
  • Be prepared when you come to advising sessions; be active in your advising session, and ask questions when you have them.
  • Regularly check your ONID email account.
  • Call to cancel appointments that cannot be kept.

Your advisor should:

  • Develop a purposeful relationship with, and be an advocate for, their advisees.
  • Assist students in defining and developing expressed educational, career, and life plans.
  • Promote learning opportunities that will help students define or meet personal goals and plans.
  • Assist students in preparing a program that is consistent with their abilities and interests.
  • Monitor progress toward educational/career goals.
  • Interpret and provide rationale for institutional policies, procedures and requirements.

Important Dates

The OSU Catalog posts important dates for each upcoming term. These calendar listings are only summaries.  You may wish to pay close attention to certain dates such as the beginning of each term, last day to add and drop courses, deadline date to apply for graduation, last day to S/U or withdraw from a course, any holidays the university may be closed, and the dates for finals week.

OSU is on a quarter system; there are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long to include one week of finals. Summer Term offers different sessions for classes including accelerated course formats. 


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