The Aquatic Microbiology option encompasses a core of oceanography and microbiology courses heavy in coverage of aquatic systems, combined with a selection of elective courses offered by various departments. The option is designed to provide a microbiology major with a detailed understanding of the role that microbes play in aquatic systems and for aquatic organisms, as well as an understanding of aquatic systems in general. The option complements the Marine Studies Initiative, which should stimulate interest in aquatic systems by students across campus.

Courses used to satisfy the Aquatic Microbiology option requirements may also satisfy the Upper-Division Microbiology Electives and Upper-Division Microbiology laboratory requirements in the Microbiology major.

Required courses (13)

MB 314. Aquatic Microbiology (3)
MB 420. Microbial Genomes, Biogeochemistry, and Diversity (3)
MB 448. Microbial Ecology (3)
OC 201. *Oceanography (4)

Must take at least 8 credits from the following:
BI 351. Marine Ecology (3)
BI 373. ^Field Methods in Marine Ecology (3)
BI 450. ^Marine Biology and Ecology (15)
BI/FW 464. Marine Conservation Biology (3)
BI 495. Disease Ecology (3)
BOT 416. Aquatic Botany (4)
BOT 476. Introduction to Computing in the Life Sciences (3)
BOT 480. Photosynthesis and Photobiology (3)
FW/OC 434. Estuarine Ecology (4)
FW 456. Limnology (5)
MB/FW 491. Fish Diseases in Conservation Biology and Aquaculture (3)
MB/FW 496. Fish Diseases in Conservation Biology and Aquaculture Lab (2)

Total=21 minimum credits