In an effort to ensure consistent and timely information, Change of Major sessions will be offered in 404 Nash Hall.  During Winter term, sessions will be offered on Wednesdays from 3:00p - 4:00p.

Students interested in changing into the BioHealth Sciences major must sign-up using the form below; additional instruction for session preparation will be provided after the form has been submitted. CURRENT BioHealth Sciences students who are interested in another option within the major should schedule an appointment with BHS advisor through the online scheduling portal.  BioHealth Sciences students interested in changing out of BioHealth Sciences and into another major should meet with the advisors of that major.

During the session, students will receive information about the major and options , information about being a competative applicant for professional schools, and an assesment of their transcript and courses.  Students who have additional questions, will have an opportunity to talk privately with an advisor at the end of the session.  


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