Jerri Bartholomew Professor, Head,
Emile F. Pernot Distinguished Professorship
Salmon disease, Fish parasites

Nash Hall 230; 524
541-737-1834; 2977 lab

 luiz Luiz Bermudez Distinguished Professor
Tuberculosis and related functions
Dryden Hall 105
541-737-6538; 8025 lab
 peter Peter Bottomley Professor Emeritus
Soil microbiology

Nash Hall 348
541-737-1844; 4136 lab

Linda Bruslind Senior Instructor/Lead Advisor

Nash Hall 322
Maude David Assistant Professor

Nash Hall 534

theo Theo Dreher  Professor
Freshwater cyanobacterial blooms and cyanophages
Not accepting grad students
Agriculture and Life Science 1065
541-737-1795; 1796 lab

Katharine Field Professor
Environmental contamination by pathogenic bacteria
Not accepting grad students

Nash Hall 424
541-737-1837; 2572 lab
 geller Bruce Geller Professor Emeritus
Antisense antibiotics
Not accepting grad students
Nash Hall 434
541-737-1845; 1846 lab
 Giovannoni Stephen Giovannoni Distinguished Professor
Systems biology of a small ocean bacteria
Nash Hall 248
541-737-1835; 3334/8966 labs
 Halsey Kimberly Halsey Assistant Professor
Environmental microbiology; Phytoplankton ecophysiology
Nash Hall 354
541-737-1831; 1806 lab
 kent Michael Kent Professor
Fish disease, Parasitology; Pathogens of zebrafish
Nash Hall 532
541-737-8652; 1858 lab

Malcolm Lowry Assistant Professor (Senior Research) 
Immunology Instruction
Not accepting grad students

Linus Pauling Science Center 453
 Mueller Ryan Mueller Assistant Professor
Aquatic food webs
Nash Hall 448
541-737-2950; 1848 lab
 Ream Walt Ream Professor
Agrobacterium as a plant pathogenic bacterium
Not accepting grad students

Agriculture and Life Science 1081
  George Rohrmann Professor Emeritus
Insect virology; Baculo- and retroviruses
Not accepting grad students
Nash Hall 258
 sarker Mahfuzur Sarker  Professor
Clostridium perfringens toxins and spores
Dryden Hall 216
 martin Martin Schuster Associate Professor
Bacterial cooperation and communication
Nash Hall 422
 sharpton Thomas Sharpton Assistant Professor
Microbiome ecology, evolution and function

Nash Hall 530

 Andrew Thurber photo Andrew Thurber Assistant Professor
Microbe-metazoan interactions; Deep-Sea and polar ecology

Burt Hall 214

 Janine Janine Trempy Professor
Microbial Applications, Biopolymers, Probiotics, Biosensors
Not accepting grad students
Nash Hall 220
 rebecca Rebecca Vega-Thurber Associate Professor
Environmental virology and microbiology;
Metagenomics and marine disease ecology

Nash Hall 454
541-737-1851; Lab 541-737-7793




 bakalinsky Alan Bakalinsky Associate Professor
Characterization and improvement of industrial yeasts;
Fermentation processes for production of biofuels

Dept. of Food Science & Technology
Wiegand 216

 colwell Frederick Colwell Professor
Microbial ecology
College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Weniger 519
 Crump Byron Crump Associate Professor
Microbial ecology; Biological oceanography

College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Burt Hall 342

 Brian Dolan Brian Dolan Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Dryden Hall 215
 hase2 Claudia Häse Associate Professor (Senior Research)
Pathogenesis of Vibrio cholerae
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Veterinary Research Lab 118A
541-737-7001; 6866 lab
  Ling Jin Associate Professor
Virology, Herpes virus

Department of Biomedical Sciences
Dryden Hall 214

David Myrold Professor
Soil Microbiology, Forest Soils
Department of Crop and Soil Science
Ag & Life Sciences Building 3127
 pastey Manoj Pastey Associate Professor
Immunology; Virology
College of Veterinary Medicine
Magruder Hall 105
dan rockey

Daniel Rockey Professor
Pathogenesis of Chlamydia

Department of Biomedical Science
Dryden Hall 211
541-737-2485; 0614 lab
Luis Sayavedra-Soto Professor (Senior Research)
Molecular biology
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Cordley 4097
natalia Natalia Shulzhenko Assistant Professor
Adaptive immune system
Department of Biomedical Science
Dryden Hall 105
 sikora Aleksandra Sikora Assistant Professor
Bacterial pathogenesis
College of Pharmacy
Pharmacy 403
  Joy Waite-Cusic Assistant Professor
Food microbiology; Food safety

Department of Food Science and Technology
Weigand Hall 9B