THE BIOHEALTH SCIENCES CLUB was established in the fall of 2015 to serve all options in the BioHealth Sciences program which functions as part of Microbiology. This club focusses on helping all pre-health professional students obtain their career goals by providing volunteer opportunities, training sessions, guest speakers, and field trips in order to better prepare students for further education or jobs in the health profession fields.

For example, in 2015, the officers coordinated a fieldtrip to Peace Health Medical Laboratory in Springfield, Oregon where they toured the microbiology, flow cytometry, urine analysis, blood bank and pathology departments. They also coordinated a CPR training session in collaboration with the American Heart Association and successfully certified over 40 students. The BHS club has invited and hosted multiple professional guest speakers including, dentists, doctors and nurses as well as representatives from graduate programs, and student success centers on campus. We continually strive to support and encourage students to work towards obtaining their career goals individually, while connecting with their fellow students and the OSU staff and faculty.

Quick info:

  • We meet every 3 weeks on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM in Strand Agriculture Hall Room 360
  • Our first ever club meeting had nearly 60 attendees
  • We host an annual CPR/AED training course that provides CPR certification through the American Heart Association
  • We consistently have over 20-30 people at our club meetings
  • We have hosted 2 spring BBQ’s, coordinated and run by BHS officers
  • We have an annual membership fee of $5.00; BioHealth Sciences Club on FACEBOOK: BIOHEALTH SCIENCES AT OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY


President:  David Decker  Vice-President:  Sebastian Gillbanks
Secretary:   Naderah  Zarei

David is a Senior with a Pre-Physician Assistant option.

Reason you chose your option (2-3 sentences): Working as a Medical Assistant has given me an appreciation for helping people. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work with several PA’s and noticed this could be the most efficient way for me to contribute more to helping patients on a daily basis.

Reason you chose to be an officer in the club (2-3 sentences): Over my time at OSU, BHS Club has been the one consistent influence to help me meet like-minded students and find new opportunities. Previous officers recommended I step up and seize the chance to help newer students the way that the club has helped me. I could see nothing more appropriate than helping my colleagues in BHS succeed in a myriad of professional schools and environments.

Knowing what you know today, list three (or more) ‘wisdom jewels’ you would give new students (academic and non-academic):

1.  Mole hole
2.  Winco so you can expand your inexpensive food budget, and may be a little more healthy than top ramen three times a day.
3.  Find the best instructor for each class that fits your learning style. You will do better and have more fun.

List some of the extracurricular activities you have participated in during your academic career (internships, study abroad, research, etc):  Of course BHS Club which I already mentioned. IM basketball with a team full of grad students was fun, good for me physically, and ultimately stimulating intellectually. I acted as Treasurer for IDS club which taught me not only more about medicine and diagnostics, but also about finances and growing a student club. Additionally working as a Medical Assistant in The Corvallis Clinic Internal Medicine department has exposed me to a wide variety of medical issues and their treatment while allowing me to help people and give back to the great community we have here at OSU and locally in Corvallis.

Sebastian is a Senior with a Pre-Physical Therapy option.

Reason you chose your option:  I chose pre-pt because I really wanted to help people.  I had a serious knee injury and through physical therapy I was gradually rehabilitated. This experience was so freeing and incredible that I knew that I wanted to instill this same feeling in others!

Reason you chose to be an officer in the club (2-3 sentences):  I decided to become an officer in BHS club because I had always had a respect for academic clubs and really wanted to share all of the unique opportunities at OSU and throughout the community with my peers. There are so many resources that I wish I had known about that can be key to success here at OSU. Vice president of BHS club seemed like an excellent way to do share this with others.

Knowing what you know today, list three (or more) ‘wisdom jewels’ you would give new students (academic and non-academic): 

1. There are tons of academic help groups to take advantage of! (SI tables, Mole hole etc.)
2. Live in the library! It doesn’t seem fun but can be paramount to your success. You get a lot more done in an environment when all you can do is work and you will be surrounded by other likeminded individuals that are studying!
3. Have fun! Remember that while you’re here to do well in school, you don’t want to look back at some of the best years of your life and not remember it that way.

List some of the extracurricular activities you have participated in during your academic career (internships, study abroad, research, etc):  Some extracurricular activities I had a great time with were judo club, arts and crafts at the craft center, fishing out near Adair village, and going for hikes around Mary’s peak.

Naderah is a Junior with BHS Option in Pre-Pharmacy

Reason you chose your option (2-3 sentences):
I am majoring in BioHealth Sciences with an emphasis in Pre-Pharmacy as I aspire to be a pharmacist in the future. I would like to become a  pharmacist since it is heavily associated with interacting with the community upon a biomedical basis, which I consider to be very positive since I enjoy both the subject of medicine, healthcare and helping others.

Reason you chose to be an officer in the club (2-3 sentences):
I have been an active officer and member of the BHS club since its initial introduction to OSU in 2015. For the past 2 years, I have served as both Secretary and Event Coordinator and have enjoyed my involvement with this club very greatly.  As a result of the variety of options the world of pre-health has to offer, I strive to assist unifying the club both as current peers and future professionals.

Knowing what you know today, list three (or more) ‘wisdom jewels’ you would give new students (academic and non-academic):
1. Look into research opportunities early in your academic career.
2. Become involved in the variety of clubs and organizations OSU has to offer.
3. Meet Benny the Beaver!
List some of the extracurricular activities you have participated in during your academic career
(internships, study abroad, research, etc):First Name:

•BHS Club
•Undergraduate Research
•STEM Leaders

Treasurer:  Hannah Horton

Community Services Coordinator: 
Sara Kim


Hannah is a Junior, with a Pre-Physician Assistant option.

I have always been passionate about helping others no matter their walk of life.  I want to be able to make a difference in someone’s life to better their overall health and help them enjoy the adventures of life.

Reason you chose to be an officer in the club (2-3 sentences): Being an officer is a great way to connect with and help students who are working towards similar goals.  I wanted to be able to use my leadership skills to help others succeed and achieve their dreams.

Knowing what you know today, list three (or more) ‘wisdom jewels’ you would give new students (academic and non-academic):

1.  Whether you are or aren’t struggling in a class, visit office hours!  Professors are more than happy to review material, answer questions, or talk about their research with you.  The more you go over and review material, the more successful you will be in a class.
2.  Take time for yourself!  Despite all the work you have to do, be sure to take time for yourself to relax.  Taking a break from studying will help reduce stress and make you more productive in the long run if you manage your time correctly.
3.  Form study groups!  Even if you usually like to work alone, being able to discuss difficult concepts and review material with people is extremely helpful.  Helping others to learn also helps cement material into your mind and will help increase your understanding.

List some of the extracurricular activities you have participated in during your academic career (internships, study abroad, research, etc):

  • Bio Health Sciences Club
  • National Society for Collegiate Scholars
  • Volunteering at the blood drive on campus
  • Working as a recreation leader at a community center

Sara is a junior with a pre-pharmacy option. 

I chose Pre-Pharmacy as my option because I am deeply interested in Chemistry and human anatomy. It fascinates me how certain chemicals can affect the body in different ways and when I declared my major, I knew I was in the right place!

Reason you chose to be an officer in the club (2-3 sentences):  I chose to become an officer because I wanted to help others and to become an officer because I wanted to meet new people and learn about their background and interests but I also wanted to find and coordinate community service events to help students find things that they could learn from or open doors for other opportunities.
Knowing what you know today, list three (or more) ‘wisdom jewels’ you would give new students (academic and non-academic):

1. Get on with it – If you have the time to think about it, you have time to do it.
2. Don’t be afraid to have fun but also don’t be afraid to study! It’s important to find the balance between work and socializing with others
3. Never doubt yourself. Wherever you go, go with confidence!

List some of the extracurricular activities you have participated in during your academic career (internships, study abroad, research, etc): I am a member of Pre-Pharmacy Society and have participated in a behavioral psychology research project in 2017.







Last Updated September 26th 2016


The name of this organization shall be the Oregon State University Biohealth Sciences Club.


The purpose of the Biohealth Sciences Club is to:

a) Acquaint Biohealth Science students with multiple Biohealth Science professions;
b) Bind pre-health profession students in friendship and mutual interests;
c) Bring recognition of the Biohealth Sciences, and OSU’s pre-professional health career students to campus and community;
d) Serve as a functioning communication body in order that the students might know what is taking place within the school and the pre-professional health field.


All Active Members and Officers of the Biohealth Science Club must:

a) Be students currently enrolled for at least 6 credits at Oregon State University, who pay student fees and have an interest in the Pre-health profession course of study.
b) Pay membership dues collected by the society, $5 per regular academic year. Payment of dues activates membership and the right to vote or hold office if qualifications are met.

Associate Members shall include faculty/staff, spouses or parents of student members, Biohealth Science Alumni and other members of the community interested in promoting the Biohealth Sciences. Associate members shall not be eligible to hold office or vote.

Membership in the Biohealth Science Club shall not be denied to any student on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran status nor will discrimination be condoned in our proceedings and relationships within the society.

The OSU College of Science shall provide a Biohealth Science Advisor for the Club.


Officers of the Biohealth Science Club shall include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Event Coordinator, Community Service Coordinator, and College of Science Advisory Liaison
The Executive Committee shall consist of all elected and appointed officers and shall act as the primary administrative body of the Biohealth Science Club.  The elected officers must meet the following qualifications:

a) Have earned at least 6 credit hours in their most recently completed term. (This requirement does not apply to first-term freshmen or first-term transfer students.)
b) Be currently registered for at least 6 hours per term during the time in office.
c) Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 and not on disciplinary probation.
d) Be an active due-paying member who attends meetings.
e) A graduate student must pay student fees and meet the same requirements as an under graduate student with the exception that full time status shall be a minimum of 6 hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.


The President shall:

a) Act as presiding officer at all meetings;
b) Maintain order at all official meetings;
c) Represent the Biohealth Science Club in all affairs;
d) Vote to break ties;
e) Be coordinator of activities;
f)  Be the direct tie with the advisor.


The Vice President shall:

a) Serve as presiding officer in the absence of the President;
b) Assist the President in all executive duties;
c) Act as the GRE Coordinator;
d) Serve on the executive committee.


The Treasurer shall:

a) Handle all finances and report them to the Club;
b) Assist the Biohealth Science Club in their search for funds;
c) Serve on the executive committee.


The Secretary shall:

a) Take minutes at all general and Executive Committee meetings;
b) Be in charge of all mailings which may include thank you notes for guest speakers, minutes sent to members for missed meetings, and other mailings deemed appropriate by the executive committee;
c) Serve on the executive committee.


The Event Coordinator Chair shall:

a) Plan club events;
b) Coordinate events;
c) Serve on the executive committee.


The Community Service Coordinator shall;    

a) Provide community service opportunities;
b) Collect and record volunteer hours completed by all members;
c) Serve on the executive committee.


The COS Advisory Liaison shall:

a) Represent the BHS club on the committee
b) Volunteer at various committee and college of science events        


a) Actively posting maintaining social media accounts
b) Designs and distributes clubs t-shirts and paraphernalia
c) Develops and creates overall advertisement for the club and club events

In the event that an officer becomes ineligible to hold office or vacates the office during the year, the President shall appoint a member or other officer to that office with the majority approval of the Executive Committee to succeed the office, with the advisor as the tiebreaker if needed.


A. The Biohealth Science Club shall meet regularly and formally bi-monthly meetings.
B. The Executive Committee shall meet once a month for the purpose of supervising the affairs of the club between regular meetings, make recommendations to the club and perform other duties as specified in the constitution/bylaws.
C. Special meetings may be called by the President or Executive Committee and shall be called upon the written or e-mailed request of the association. The purpose of the meeting shall be clearly stated in the notice and one week’s notice shall be given except in the case of an emergency.
D. A simple majority of votes is needed to carry a motion or election.
E. All Regular and Special meetings shall be open to the public.


A. The amount of dues shall be $5 per regular academic year.
B. The club shall engage in fund raising activities in accordance with university policies as deemed appropriate by the executive committee.
C. The club shall take advantage of any funds available through the Student Activities Committee, and the University in accordance with policies and regulations in place.
D. The club shall operate on a non-profit status.
E. The club shall operate in the black never spending more than is available on hand and according to a per term budget spread throughout the year.


  1. The club shall hold informal guest lectures during its meetings with invited speakers on topics of interest that should be of benefit to the societies members.
  2. The club shall visit schools in the state/region that offer Biohealth Science Programs and assist in the application process for its members.
  3. The club shall also connect with and visit national conventions and proceedings of pre-health professionals when possible.


A. No Executive Committee member shall be removed until at least three meetings after their election or appointment.
B. Recall consideration requires a 2/3 majority of the club. The consideration will be tabled until the next club meeting at which time voting shall take place. A ¾ majority vote of the member's constituency is required for the recall of that member.


Amendments to the Constitution shall be made as needed through a 2/3 majority vote.