Internships consist of a supervised project at an approved cooperating entity that is independent of the university (i.e., institution, agency, laboratory, clinic, or company).  Students interested in an internship for credit should begin by discussing their plans with their advisor.  The following details will need to be considered in planning an internship:  company/institution where internship will occur, time period of internship, number of hours per week, nature and title of the internship project, and description of student's responsibilities during the internship.

Upon completion of the internship, students must submit a 2-3 page written report to their advisor covering the following:

  • What did you learn from this experience that had not been covered during your academic training?
  • What did you contribute to the company that they would not have done without your assistance?
  • A detailed description of the completed project, including methods, results, and conclusions.

In addition, a company supervisor must submit information to the student's advisor regarding the specific responsibilities during the internship, and an evaluation of the student's performance.