Students in our graduate program will acquire the skills to:

1.  Conduct original research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in microbiology.

2.  Demonstrate proficiency in current methods and techniques in microbiological research, including accurately reporting observations and analyzing results.

3.  Communicate scientific concepts, experimental results and analytical arguments to a scientific audience both verbally and in writing.

4.  Exhibit basic skills in teaching microbiology in a classroom and laboratory environment.

The most significant difference between Ph.D. and M.S. Degres is in the research component.   Original research conducted as part of a Ph.D. degree is more comprehensive in scope, requires a significantly higher time commitment, and may consequently have a higher impact on the respective microbiological discipline, compared with research conducted as part of an M.S.   Hence, upon degree completion, a Ph.D. graduate will be more proficient at conducting original research, and will have acquired a broader set of methodical and technical skills than an M.S. student.