Application for Department of Microbiology scholarships/fellowships requires the submission of two letters of recommendation in addition to the Microbiology Graduate Scholarship/Fellowship Application.

  • Scholarships are awarded annually on a competitive basis, with typical awards of $500-$2,000. Eligibility varies depending on the particular award, and the number of awards given each year is dependent upon funding.
  • Fellowships are awarded on a competitive and/or a needs basis. Typical awards cover a stipend for one to three terms with tuition remission. Department of Microbiology scholarships and fellowships are made possible by donations provided by alumni, faculty members, and other donors.



Margaret & Charles Black Scholarship
The Margaret and Charles Black Scholarship Fund provides an annual scholarship award to an Oregon State University graduate student in microbiology who has demonstrated excellence in their graduate studies. Nominees must be Microbiology graduate students with a distinguished record of academic performance. (Cash award given when available.)

John L Fryer Fellowship
The friends and family of John L. Fryer have established the John L. Fryer Fellowship Fund to honor and recognize Dr. Fryer’s scholarship and the years he dedicated to the study of infectious diseases of fish. The purpose of the John L. Fryer Fellowship will be to provide support to graduate student(s) at OSU involved in research on the infectious diseases of fish (finfish or shellfish) (Stipend & tuition or cash award).

Dick & Toshi Morita Scholarship
Nominees must be Microbiology graduate students. Recipients must meet the following criteria: graduate student; microbiology major/focus; and demonstrates financial need. The nomination should document the student's academic record and other scholarly accomplishments. The application should include at least two letters of recommendation from faculty. (Cash award given when available.)

Joan Countryman Suit Scholarship
Established by Joan Countryman Suit. Covers summer fellowships for Microbiology Graduate students. (Stipend).

Sheila van Zandt Scholarship:  Application deadline March 1.
The intent of this award is to promote collaboration between a graduate student and undergraduate student. Application is by a graduate/undergraduate pair separate from other Department of Microbiology scholarships

  • This scholarship be for an undergraduate/graduate student pair with one proposal submitted between the two of them
  • The award be for $1800 (with a requirement of matching funds from the lab)
  • The students give a presentation at the spring symposium (or an acceptable alternative)

To submit a proposal fill out linked form:  Sheila van Zandt Scholarship

Harriet M. Winton Scholarship: This scholarship was established by Mrs. Harriet Winton in appreciation to Dr. J.L. Fryer for assisting in graduating her son, Dr. James R. Winton, in the study of Diseases of Pacific Salmon from the Department of Microbiology. This award will go to a microbiology graduate student in the study of diseases of fish. Financial need will be considered.  (Cash award).


Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Fish Health Graduate Research Fellowship:  ODFW submission deadline depending on availability.
Provides graduate level training on a project that is relevant to the health of non-aquarium fish. This fellowship will support a graduate student conducting research towards an MS or Ph.D. in Microbiology or under the mentorship of a Microbiology professor at Oregon State University, with the intention of training towards and encouraging a career in fish health studies relevant to the wild fish popularities of Oregon. 

Middlekauf Outstanding Graduate Teaching & Service in Microbiology  Nominations due March 1, 2018.
Established by Ruth M. Tyson to honor the memory of her brother and to aid students in bacteriology. Mark Middlekauf received his degree in bacteriology from OSU in 1916, served in the Army during World War I and lost his life in France during that conflict.

Middlekauf Graduate Achievement in Microbiology  Nominations due March 1, 2018.
Established by Ruth M. Tyson to honor the memory of her brother and to aid students in bacteriology. Mark Middlekauf received his degree in bacteriology from OSU in 1916, served in the Army during World War I and lost his life in France during that conflict.

Nicholas R. Tartar Graduate Student Fellowship  Submission deadline, January 15, 2018.
Established by N.R. Tartar, M.D., a long-time friend of the early faculty in Microbiology. Awards are to go to qualified graduate students that meet residency requirements and are majors in the Department of Microbiology. 


Charles Eckelman Scholarship  Submission deadline depending on availability.
Established by Mrs. Clara Marie Eckelman at the time of her husband’s death. This is used to help students at OSU who are in a science beneficial to the dairy industry. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in the College of Agricultural Sciences or in the Department of Microbiology with an emphasis on dairy industry. Qualified applicants in the following majors will be considered: Animal Sciences, Agricultural Business Management, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Food Science and Technology and Microbiology (through the Agriculture Research Foundation). (Nominated by the department).

MacVicar Animal Health Scholar Award  Nomination deadline February 16, 2018.
The College of Veterinary Medicine, Biochemistry and Biophysics, and Microbiology Dean/Chair are serving as members of a committee to select a senior graduate student whose research is primarily concerned with animal health and welfare in its broadest sense and is interdisciplinary in approach, or a veterinarian in a residency program at OSU that includes research at the masters or doctoral level as part of the training program. Robert MacVicar was a past president of Oregon State University, and he and his wife, Clarice, had a strong interest in the health and welfare of animals. As a result, they established a fund to support research at OSU that impacts animal health and welfare in its broadest sense, that is interdisciplinary in its approach and represented by the areas of microbiology, biochemistry, and veterinary medicine. The award will be made as a $5000 stipend, with an additional $1000 for laboratory supplies and/or travel. Nominations of candidates should be made by faculty through their department chairs/heads. (Nominated by the department).

In addition to departmental awards, scholarships, fellowships and assistantships are available through:

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