The Pernot Microbiology Camp was a targeted STEM camp focused on engaging historically underrepresented youths (people of color, low-income students, and students who are within the LGBTQ+ community) in the field of microbiology.  During this week-long immersive science camp high-school students learned about three subfields of microbiology, Food System Science, Human Health and Disease, and Aquatic Microbiology. These high school students from the Linn-Benton county area conducted microbiology focused laboratory experiments, learned critical science skills, went on field trips (including a day trip to the Oregon coast to visit Hatfield Marine Science Center) and heard from diverse speakers across the field of microbiology about career avenues and opportunities in science, technology, and education. The aim of this camp was to provide students with an introduction to microbiological concepts and laboratory techniques relevant to college level curriculum and thus build their interest and self-confidence in science related skills.