OSU Microbiology senior Michelle Michelsen, is spending a large part of her summer at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences conducting research for Dr. Stephen Giovannoni, on SAR202 bacterioplankton. She participated in her first research cruise on the RV Atlantic Explorer in July at the BATS site which is 80 km off the southeast coast of Bermuda. Rachel Parsons, BIOS Research Specialist and Microbial Ecology Lab Manager, is teaching Michelle new microscopy protocols to determine abundances of the different SAR202 groups using a new set of fluorescent probes that bind specifically to ribosomes in SAR202 cells. Michelle is using the microscope and imaging facility at BIOS to quantify SAR202 cell abundances from samples taken from the Western Sargasso Sea. She and her advisors hope the new probes will provide more precise information on the distribution and diversity of SAR202 cells in the deep dark ocean.

Dr. Stephen Giovannoni