We aim to provide a learning environment that excites and informs undergraduate majors and non-majors about microbiology and the many ways that it is relevant to everyday life. Through our two undergraduate majors, Microbiology and BioHealth Sciences, the Department is committed to providing a transformative education through the following elements:

  1. Provide compelling and relevant undergraduate courses that teach science literacy for all OSU students and provide the fundamental knowledge for our majors to succeed in their careers.
  2. Provide training through innovative, non-conventional coursework that stresses inquiry-based learning.
  3. Encourage and provide opportunities for students to participate in research.
  4. Prepare our majors for future careers or further educational opportunities by providing a capstone experience.
  5. Equalize opportunities for under-represented minorities and for students with diverse life experiences.
  6. Improve the timely progression to graduation for majors of all backgrounds.
  7. Offer teaching facilities that provide a learning experience appropriate for a top tier research university.